Cord Trousers from Turnbull & Asser

Happy When it Rains

I've just taken delivery of a pair of blue cord trousers from Turnbull & Asser. They're a bit stiff at the moment, as decent cords tend to be until they've moulded into shape through wear. I need to stretch about in them for a couple of days.

Made in England from a good wide-wale cord, I'm pleased with these new additions to my corduroy stable. To be honest, if it's bucketing down with rain, I'm rarely to be found in trousers made from any other material. I don't want to go through the hassle of getting wool trousers cleaned and pressed after being caught in a downpour. A good pair of cords can take on the rain like no other trousers.

Here we see some nice Turnbull touches to the cords. The buttons have a nice look about them, and the trousers are lined for added comfort.


  1. Do you have advice regarding the cut of Gurteen corduroy trousers?
    Does Gurteen shape their corduroy trousers with wide seat and wide thighs? (Like House of Bruar.) What is your opinion of Gurteen?

    1. Thanks Anon. I like Gurteen, unfortunately I have no experience of their corduroy trousers. You could always return if they don't fit, I guess. Best wishes, Tweedy


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