Grenfell for Cordings - 1940s Shooting Jacket

Grenfell 1923

For those of us seeking out the best in British clothing, finding a Grenfell label in a coat tells you all that you need to know about the quality invested in the cloth. Spot it on a vintage rail and the sky becomes golden with rapture.

The classic Grenfell cloth is a cotton gaberdine, first created in 1923, that has a dense weave designed to protect against the elements. It is so-named because of its association with Sir Wilfred Grenfell, a medical missionary who needed a robust, wind-proof fabric for his missions to Newfoundland. He might be an early example of brand association and celebrity endorsement.

Certain styles of coat and jacket became associated with the Grenfell name over the decades. The Grenfell golfer's jacket, first produced in 1931, is still in production:

All of Grenfell's coats are made in London, England.

Shooting Jacket

I'm particularly interested in the fantastic Shooting Jacket for Cordings (top picture and below). Re-introduced from their archive, Grenfell were producing this style of jacket for Cordings in the 1940s.

Here we see good chum of The Tweed Pig Cordings MD Noll Uloth wearing an original shooter from 1947:

Bring out the Inner Bear

Looking for something a little warmer at this time of year? Grenfell have just brought out something for you — the tactile-looking Alpaca Duffle.  The coat has an alpaca wool outer, with horn toggles and leather trims, and is lined with Grenfell cloth and keeper's tweed — a coat to bring out the inner bear in you.


  1. Bravo Zulu on the Newfoundland reference. Apparently he eschewed gloves. 73's and 88's.


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