Final Squirt - Wally Classic Cologne (1925)

Benevolence Begins at Home

Once I've climbed the wooden hills to Bedfordshire and into my traditional pyjamas — like the ones above from Derek Rose in super-comfortable brushed cotton flannel for the colder months, with top button always fastened as propriety and custom dictate  — one of my many nighttime habits is to reach for a bottle of cologne.  

I'm not going to drink it, don't worry. No, before hitting the sack I consider it an act of kindness to myself, and one that I've jolly well earned after a hard day, to unleash on my person and bed linen with a squirt of something pleasant.

Wally Classic Colognes are designed for showering generously over the body, handkerchiefs and linen to keep things fresh night and day. Designed for men and women, you can choose six timeless fragrances: a classic citrus cologne or styles in Russian Leather, Fern, Spanish Leather, Lavender and Italian Rose; something for every nose and time of year.

They say such habits help separate man from beast, elf from orc, refined from barbaric and so on. If you like to wear perfumes for the sensual pleasure, to arouse the senses, then there might not be a better time than bedtime.

The Culture of 'Know How'

Wally Classic Colognes specialise in the production of colognes 'made in the best Italian tradition' using 'la cultura del "saper fare"' (the culture of know how). And they've known how for a good while.

The company was formed in 1925, when Niccola Niccolai bought the name and business from an ancient perfumery in Florence and set up production of the colognes at his factory in nearby Prato. I'll note in passing that the more famous Acqua di Parma was created in 1916 and is celebrating its well-earned centenary this year; though they don't need me to give them a push.

The Wally plant moved to another part of town after the original factory was destroyed in the Second World War and remains in production and family-owned (I believe) to this day.

The company has never been tempted to reduce costs by sourcing from Asia. The products are made by the company and the company alone, as they do not produce white-label products for fashion houses.

Wally Classic Colognes have seen no requirement to make unnecessary changes. For example, they believe the necessary form and function was achieved with their classic octagonal glass bottles, the Bakelite stopper and the silk-covered rubber sprayer, all of which remain pretty much unaltered from the 1940s.


  1. Tweedy,
    Can you recommend a UK stockist please?


    1. Thanks Anon. Not sure I can. If you go to wallycosmetici web site using the link in the post, they have the UK as a shipping destination. Note that the sprayer is purchased separately. Best wishes, Tweedy


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