Billingham Bag with Appropriate Camera

I received a mail the other day asking for advice on cameras. Not wanting to disappoint, the advice I gave is the one that I give for any technical equipment — go for the nicest looking of the names you trust.

Something like a twin-lens Rolleiflex, which was first introduced in 1929; versions of which were still being made in Germany by DHW Fototechnik up to 2014. Incredibly good-looking, you'll need to hunt out one of these on the second-hand market.

Another film camera with a viewfinder on top would be from Hasselblad of Sweden's 500 series, which was first introduced in the 1950s. The 503CW model (below) was discontinued a couple of years ago.

If film cameras don't appeal, Hasselblad introduced a limited edition digital camera this summer that is handmade in Gothenbourg, Sweden. The X1D-50c (below) was created 'to commemorate Hasselblad’s 75 years at the pinnacle of photography'. The lightweight camera is designed to be portable but high-performance, capable of taking 50 megapixel photos using mirrorless technology that eliminates camera shake.

Billingham Bag for the Camera

I think we're on safer ground when choosing a bag for the camera, which would have to be a Billingham 550 (top and below) from Billingham Bags of Cradley Heath in the Midlands of England.

Billingham have been making specialist bags for cameras and photographic equipment since 1973. In each bag there are 'typically more than one hundred individual components ... the majority of which are custom-made by [Billingham] or for [them]'.

The Billingham 550 was the first production bag and one of the biggest in their range. The bag is made from heavy-duty khaki or blue canvas and tan leather, with reinforced shoulder strap and carry handles, detachable pockets at each end, and movable partitioning on the inside of the bag which is protected by a rain flap.

Yes, I have no reservations about the bag recommendation.


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