The World's Finest Belts - Equus Leather of County Durham

I won't beat around the bush. The belts available from Equus Leather are world-beating. They're the best. You can search high and low (and I have), but you will not find better belts. What we have with the belts crafted —handmade and handstitched — by Equus is a complete synthesis of all the essential elements demanded of a belt. Equus know belts inside and out.

Insist on an Equus
What's more, you can design your own belt, from the choice of leather colour and width to the type of buckle and its finish and the colour of thread. But don't go crazy with your combinations, these belts need to work hard to complement your wardrobe.

Equus belts are made to your size to fit at the centre hole to give room for adjustment either way. Hard-wearing waxed bridle leather is used for the strap, which will look better and better as it ages. Brass and nickel buckle options vary and come in a choice of finishes: polished, satin or palladium-plated.

Three were delivered to Tweed Towers in smart and considerate packaging; a delightful box, separate storage bags for each belt, and each buckle wrapped in acid-free jewellers tissue to protect them in transit.

The Kensington
The belt above and below is a Kensington with a solid brass square-shouldered buckle. The London Tan leather is first selection bridle butt from J.E. Sedgewick of Walsall — a vegetable-tanned leather from the best cut of a hide with a uniform appearance and thickness that will give years of service. Equus Leather's solid metal buckles are also made in Walsall.

West End #1
The West End is the biggest seller, with the widest flexibility in the choice of design. The one below has a solid brass D-shaped buckle. The leather, bridle butt from Sedgewick again, comes in an Australian Nut leather colour.

West End #2
This version of the West End is in British Racing Green leather. It has a nickel buckle and is finished with yellow Lin Cable, a hard wearing and high quality waxed linen thread sought out in the best leatherwork.

This might be my favourite belt of the three. Actually, who am I kidding? I love them all equally.

Insist on an Equus
Equus Leather is run by Charlie and Dawn Trevor. With Equus, they strive to 'make products that fit with the values of a now past generation of craftsmen', and place utmost importance on the materials used to build longevity into the construction. They also want to keep alive 'the skills and expertise of centuries-old English traditions'. Let's help them do that.

Equus are a small operation. If you value quality and wish to support local craftsmen, gentleman, put the word out today. Let's make County Durham as synonymous with belts as Northampton is with shoes. Insist on an Equus.

Top of the Range is Lined and Raised
If you want to go for the ultimate Equus belt, take a look at the video below showing the construction of a belt from their Lined and Raised range. Compared to the unlined belts that use a single strip of leather, these belts use three strips: a second, lining the belt with leather matching the quality on the outside; a third narrower strip is used inside the belt to create a raised area. The strips can be in any combination of colours. Equus regard these belts as equivalent to the 'best quality harness work of the 19th century'. Music to our timeless classically-inclined ears, gents.

Belts from this range take approximately eight weeks to deliver from the order. During which time you will be able to get rid of your under performing belts (as I did), yet unable to contain your excitement at the belts coming your way.


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