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Brooks is 150

Brooks England is celebrating its 150th anniversary in a rather unique way. They have enlisted the support of some of the best bike builders in the British Isles and beyond to design a limited-edition Brooks cycle with a theme of copper. Copper because it 'is a versatile and elegant material with which to work, and has long played an integral role in Brooks products. The copper rivet on a Brooks England Saddle, for instance, is as iconic as any other single element of its, or any design.'

Dear, sweet Brompton is the first to collaborate with an S-Type model in moss green and ivory. The model — 150 have been made — has a Brooks B15 Swallow Saddle (patented 1937) in green, a copper bell and handle-grips in green.

The bikes are available from Brooks' B1866 shop in Covent Garden, London and Brompton Junction shops around the world.

B1866 is an attractive-looking shop inside and out. A shop in a human-scale building, like all good shops should be. The elegant grey works nicely with the London brick on the outside. The copper sign works very well, though I do love to see properly painted sign-writing too. The sort of shop we're quite willing to be seen entering and leaving.

An ugly shop-front using plastic or vinyl signage is like a poorly designed website, you don't want to hang around. Local councils should come down hard on the uglifiers of our high streets.

Look out for further Brooks at 150 British collaborations from Pashley, Condor and Moulton. Or if they let me know, I'll let you know. You know what my memory is like.


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