Happy Saint George's Day

Celebrate with English Whisky

Happy Saint George's Day to all our English readers near and far. We won't make a fuss — we never do — but let's celebrate with a healthy measure of English whisky. You read the previous sentence correctly — English whisky, which is made in Norfolk by The English Whisky Company at The Saint George's distillery in Roudham. The distillery was built precisely at this particular location because of its proximity to Norfolk's superb quality barley, and to access the pure water of the Breckland aquifer.

The whisky is aged naturally in oak casks with no chill filtration. The casks may have previously matured bourbon, sherry or other wines. The whiskies are denominated in 'chapters', which gives an idea of their maturity, and also positions them within the history of the company. The English Whisky Company's biggest seller is Chapter 6 — their second release — a 'gentle, unpeated, graceful' single malt, which has a delicate, smooth smell with fruit and spice and 'fresh cut grassy notes'. The taste is citrussy with vanilla from the cask.

Naturally, we shall choose the special Saint George's Day edition today (with the post box label above). It's a Chapter 13, which has the following tasting notes:

Orchard fruits, think stewed apples and pears. Cereal, hints of crushed digestive biscuits and porridge. Notes of toffee, honey and beeswax. A waft of rich fruit cake.

Creamy mouth feel; the cereal comes through along with the toffee and honey. Again, orchard fruits. Sweet, spicy and oaky. A very long malty, dry finish.

Sound like the cup that clears today of past regrets and future fears.

Add a loyal toast as you see fit. It's the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's death today, and it was also the Queen's 90th birthday this week. You might want to incorporate those events in whatever you conjure up.


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