Happy Walpurgis Night

Wishing our many readers in northern European countries — we're very popular in Germany — a super Walpurgis Night, which is a night of celebration named after the English missionary Saint Walpurga — the date of her canonisation occurring on the 1st of May.

Some Nudity
This is very much a celebration about the rites of spring and related to May Day — translation: drunken revelry, singing and public gatherings and perhaps a bonfire or two — plus sporadic nudity (being the continent). Who doesn't like a good singsong and a bonfire? Lighter nights and warmer temperatures are perfectly valid reasons to celebrate here in northern Europe. Long live Walpurgis Night.

Note to revellers: If you have photos of your local celebrations, you could share them on our Facebook page

Sweden in particular loves its Valborg, according to a reader over there. And the tradition is particularly strong in the university cities of Uppsala and Lund. That's a photo from the Walpurgis Night celebrations in Uppsala above. Apparently the students ceremoniously switch from black winter caps to their white summer caps; a bit like the British dusting off their Panama hats for summer.

Sweden's Savile Row
If you wish to make a great Swedish impression on Walpurgis Night next year (and keep your clothes on), why not consider an appointment at A. W. Bauer of Stockholm. One of the owners is Savile Row-trained Frederik Anderson, which is another way of saying they know their onions — making great stuff with great materials with 'Savile Rowlian' attention to detail and lots of great British cloths and accessories.

I know you like this suit (below) in a 9 oz wool cloth from Holland & Sherry, but you probably want to dress a little more casually when you're holding your plastic beer cup in the street; and maybe dress a little warmer as it's not quite summer.

Perhaps something like this Harris tweed jacket (below). If you wear a cardigan underneath, as in the photo, you can always take your jacket off when the sun comes out. Or is it too wintry? You don't want to bake. Come on, make your mind up. Why not check the weather and give yourself some options.

Trevlig Valborg!


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