Key Distinction

Key Case

I have been after a key case for quite some time after one that had been passed down to me had crumbled to leathery dust. It's an essential if you don't want a disorderly tangle of keys bulging out of your pocket or jangling like you're a prison warder. I found this one at Carolina Herrera in Calle Serrano in Madrid. I liked the materials, and the colour and feel of the leather, and I was happy to see it embossed with "Hecho en España", being as I was in Spain.

It's a good compact size, but covers my keys as it should. I even have space for a little LED torch, which is handy when I arrive at dimly-lit Tweed Towers. Let's hope the case lasts as long as the previous one.

Is there a British-made key case out there? I ask any British leatherworkers to let me know so that I can report back. Or maybe they can make a prototype to show off their skills. My keys will be happy to model it.

Speaking of British leatherworkers, secure your hosiery as I have a report soon on British-made belts that will almost certainly knock your socks off. Don't go away. . .


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