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Isle of Man Things

I think this might be our first post about something from the Isle of Man, and it's one that combines your favourites: brogues and tweed. A little nonseasonal perhaps, but one of the pieces we're discussing has a limited production run, so you might want to tuck it away for a few weeks.

And it's Isle of Man tweed, gents — not something you read much about.

Isle of Man Tweed

Windsor & Wales is based in Douglas, Isle of Man. The company sources and creates an all-British line-up of men's and women's clothing.

The Wren tweed jacket (above and below) has a production run of just five (so be quick if you can't live without it). Made in London from Isle of Man tweed produced at the Laxey Woollen Mills using traditional hand-weaving methods.

The jacket has horn buttons and is lined in silk with a hand-drawn peacock design.

Isle of Man Wool

The Windsor & Wales bods amplify the Isle of Man tweed angle with the pleasing provenance of their Peregrine Loaghtan tweed brogue.

The tweed is produced from had-spun wool from the six-horned Loaghtan sheep (bottom), which is native to the Isle of Man.

The goodyear-welted shoes are produced in Northamptonshire, and have a nice little hunting dog print on the insole.

Our first piece on the Isle of Man and I didn't mention the TT Races.


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