Day at the Seaside

Unbelievable I know, but it's time for our annual daytrip to the seaside. You are invited again, of course, but try not to have so many breakfast cocktails this time, eh? You will be pleased to know that we're travelling in a Bedford OB Coach in Southdown livery this year.

Now be careful with your ice lolly melting on these trousers.

Fan Optics - Ida Black and Tortoiseshell Sunglasses  (Made in the UK)

Andy & Tuly of Jermyn Street - Silk Cravat

Corneliani - Classic Polo Shirt (Made In Italy)

N. Peal - Sheridan 2-Ply Cashmere Sweater with Elbow Patches

Huntsman - Cotton & Silk Trousers

Edward Green - Rangoon Fossil Alligator, Edwardian Antique Calf (Made in the UK)

Lyons Maid Brandy Alexander Ice Lolly (Defunct)

Song for the Bus (Sung here by Sherlock Holmes)


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