Joan Collins' Summer Yacht Party

Joan's Famous Porto Cervo Party

Joan Collins has invited you to a party aboard her yacht moored at Port Cervo. It looks like boxer Alan Minter will be there too.

It's very kind of her to invite you. She doesn't really know you, and you might be trouble for all she can tell. It's therefore essential for you to make the right impression with what you wear and what you choose as a gift. Play it well and you'll be hopping aboard yachts around the Med all summer long.

What to Wear

You need a strategy with the clothes. The party is starting with cocktails on the deck when it will still be hot and sunny. You need to be comfortable in the heat. Given the circumstances, shorts will be acceptable.

Crombie - Hopsack Blazer with Mother of Pearl Buttons

Paul Stuart - Jumping Marlins Bow Tie

Turnbull & Asser - Button Down Shirt

Dashing Tweeds - Seersucker Shorts

J. M. Weston - Le Mocassin in Bordeaux

What to Take

You want to send the right message with Joan's gift. Why not some lingerie from Kiki de Montparnasse?


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