Wilde & Harte

Eternal Return

Like the ancient ouroborus my fizzog presents itself in a recurring cycle that follows beard to moustache to clean-shaven. This mystical cycle follows weather and seasonal patterns to add to the general air of hocus-pocus.

Moustache Transition Phase Initiated

As the weather has us all wilting right now —  and complaining, by gad! — I've transitioned to (ginger) moustache before the fully clean-shaven phase in August. Then it's back to the beard when the leaves start falling (with lashings of the excellent First Olympian Beard Oil).

Paying more attention to my shaving ritual at this part of the cycle, my eye has been drawn to the safety razors produced by Wilde and Harte of London — the elegant Osterley (above and below) in particular.

This weighty three-piece razor is crafted from British stainless steel to a mirror finish in the UK. You could imagine Poirot's chum Arthur Hastings packing an Osterley in his sponge bag.

Wilde & Harte — founded a couple of years back — say their classic designs are inspired by 'the architecture, styles and the splendour of iconic London houses and palaces'. The collection is certainly receiving approved nods from the razorati.

The name? Director Paul Thompson says it comes from the names of two London 'drinkers' used in business discussions - The White Harte in Drury Lane and the Oscar Wilde bar at the Café Royal, Mayfair.


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