Out in the Middle with Millchamp & Hall

Batting for The Ashes

Good luck to England at the start of The Ashes in Cardiff today.

Should they go a man short, they may well turn to you. Do you have what it takes to step out in the middle for your country? If not, make sure you look the part and have a really, really good bat.

Bat-wise you might want to arm yourself with the Millchamp & Hall International above. Hand made in Taunton — at the M & H workshops at the Somerset County Cricket Ground, in fact — from traditional willow, the bat will virtually thwack the sixes for you.

The bat promises excellent balance, 'maximising performance in all conditions and formats of the game'.

Try it with a couple of hook shots off the front and back foot to begin with to get the crowd on your side, then you can settle and start swatting the ball all around the ground.

Out in the Middle

Before you step out in the middle, let The Duckworth Lewis Method remind us that the crease is the great leveller. As you tap the bat on the ground and look the bowler in the eye, attitude is all.

Out in the Middle [Amazon] is a laid-back summery-tinged track from TDLM's cricket-themed album Sticky Wickets. 


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