Walker Slater + Chap = First-Rate Summer Linens

Dream Team

Walker Slater has teamed up with The Chap magazine to create summer staples for your wardrobe in mill-washed cream linen, that wondrous, easily-rumpled cloth so beloved of Foreign Office officials and MCC members. If you are rumple-averse, perhaps Fresco is for you, but squatting on a picnic blanket and doing lazy summer things is frankly asking for cream linen (and a little less fastidiousness, tsk-tsk).

Pair Jamie with Edward

Jamie is the relaxed-fit jacket of the collection (above) and Edward is the pair of trousers, part-lined with fishtail back to take your braces (below).

Add Francis to the Mix

Francis is a buff double-breasted weskit that will sit well under Jamie to add a bit of contrast.

Well done to Walker Slater and The Chap. So taken was I with this collection that when I learned of it I had to put my tea to one side and tap out this piece without taking another sip. The tea was bordering on cold when I lifted the saucer again, so I had to boil another kettle. And then could I find the biscuits? This is real tales of duty and sacrifice stuff.


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