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Cellular Cotton Shirts

The Old Town short- and long-sleeved Slimmer Shirt (above) is made out of cellular cotton — a splendid Victorian innovation.

Cellular cotton (invented by Aertex of Bolton in 1888) was used extensively by the British military in warm and tropical climates, because of its breathable nature; likewise it was a staple in school gym kits for the best part of a century before falling out of favour. Old Town, appreciating its history and properties, has adopted cellular cotton into its range of traditional British workwear fabrics.

The shirts have a three-button opening, chest pocket and long tails designed to be worn out of trousers for added breeziness. The shirt makes for an excellent summer sporting option, and is representative of Old Town's simple style.

Inspiring Old Town

Old Town, the Norfolk-based micro clothing company, has perfected its time and place aesthetic in the twenty-five years since husband-and-wife team Will Brown and Marie Willy started the company.

Everything you want to know about the strength of the identity they have created is in full evidence in this video by Matt Hind, which is accompanied by finely-chosen music from East Anglia Sings:

Nice Old Town

The size of Old Town means that it can caper nimbly on a terrain that it is hostile — in terms of scale, ethos and customer service — to a multi-national conglomerate or a corner-cutting sweat shop.

As you can see from the video below, Old Town was not built by faceless, profit-hungry institutional investors looking to build a brand and then sell it to the highest bidder, but by pleasant, courteous people who care about each of the around seventy items they produce a week.

This is an exchange of goods built on niceness, and is why Old Town has a very loyal band of customers. I encourage you to join them.


  1. Nice find. I've worn the odd golf shirt over the years (not that I play) because I find them better than polo shirts in hot weather. Now I have an alternative, and crucially, an alternative without a logo. I'm strictly Hard Core No Logo.


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