Green Man Festival and Public Service Broadcasting

Public Service Broadcasting at Green Man

Are you going to the Green Man Festival this year? (That's him above.) I thought about it — the Brecon Beacons of Wales is a nice part of the world — but it's sold out now. I'm not sure I would have got further than thinking about it anyway. You know how I am.

If I were to attend, I would be first in the queue to watch Public Service Broadcasting. We have been enjoying their War Room E.P. at Tweed Towers, particularly the stirring tracks Spitfire and London Can Take It.

PSB — The Personnel

London-based J. Willgoose (above) and Wrigglesworth are the musical duo behind Public Service Broadcasting. Both multi-instrumentalists and documentary enthusiasts, their aim is to 'teach the lessons of the past through the music of the future'.

They layer samples of public information and archive films over their percussive arrangements to quite dramatic effect. I believe the BFI helped out with some of the archive footage they have used. The result is music that is infectious, innovative and informative — all the 'i's. If we can't call it Krautrock, perhaps Tommyrock?

(Have they used any samples from The London Nobody Knows in their recordings?)


London Can Take It

Tip: If the music makes you feel a little peevish, and it's possible, why not work off some steam with a spot of gardening?


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