Waistcoat for Ascot - Oliver Brown

The Lucky Weskit

I like to think I can recognise a lucky weskit when I see one, and this double-breasted number from Oliver Brown looks heavily lucky to me.

Featuring a shawl collar and made from seasonal Irish linen, the weskit has a cream satin back with adjusters and cream piping.

Wear this with your morningwear for the Royal enclosure at Ascot this week and it will be like your winners were picking themselves.

Tweedy's Tip

I'm going to withdraw my pension pot — as we are now allowed to do so — and put it all on Vent de Force (above) in the Gold Cup at Ascot. I invite you to join me, though my recent tips have been far from impressive — basically, I know nothing.

What an intelligent-looking horse. Those ears clearly portend success, as only ears can.

Trained by Berkshire-based Hughie Morrison (pictured below with his previous Ascot winner Sagramor), the price of the increasingly-fancied Vent de Force is plummeting following a recent win at Sandown Park.


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