Toast Jardine Shoe by Cheaney

Damn You, Storm Gods

Gertrude Jekyll said of June: 'What is one to say about June — the time of perfect young summer, the fulfilment of the promise of the earlier months, and with as yet no sign to remind one that its fresh young beauty will ever fade.' Yes, but what about the rain?

It can be hard to imagine that summer really exists in Britain. As I write it is lashing down with the rains of June. The sky is the default grey colour we tend to live under (photographic evidence).

We live in hope for the sun to reveal itself. And nothing says 'damn you' to the storm gods better than a shoe of white nubuck. (I am still receiving mails about nubuck shoes for sunnier days following this post on sartorial determinism.)

Toast currently has a very splendid pair of white nubuck shoes available. We did worry about their offerings since the company was bought by French Connection, but there is no knocking these Northampton-made Cheaney's.

About the Shoes

Toast's Jardine shoes — as you will have gathered already from this shoddily-written piece — are of white nubuck leather, with a full leather lining.

Nubuck leather is buffed on the outside of the hide to give a nap, as opposed to suede which is created from the inner side of a hide.

The shoes have a Goodyear welted sole, though a Dainite sole and storm welt to stop the elements from seeping in between upper and sole might be a boon in our 'temperate' climate.

Wear with a pink three-piece suit with six-button weskit if you really want to defy those blinkin' storm gods.


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