Music to Button a Cardigan By - Whitewash

Douglas Dares

He sings well. He tickles ivories admirably. He composes his own songs. We need to support young Douglas Dare. Witness how he puts his heart and soul into his live rendition of Whitewash [Amazon] below. Give him a couple of minutes of your time and watch how he builds the song. The audience got their money's worth that night.

Note also the sensible spectacles (below), but ignore the fact that he is revealing his underwear in the video clip. Button up, Douglas.

We have been spinning Douglas' Whelm album at Tweed Towers for a while now and consider it a keeper. The album comprises an intimate collection of songs that have been described as 'richly emotive and beguilingly uneasy'. The sounds make a nice change from all the poorly-enunciated and over-produced blue-eyed soul clogging up the music charts.

And look at the lovely packaging you get with the vinyl version:

Douglas hails from Bridport, Dorset, and is a classically-trained pianist who cites one of his influences as Debussy. You can possibly hear this in the impressionistic, yet contemporary, soundscapes he creates.


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