Just One More - John Smedley from Private White

Moreish Sweaters

Just when you think you can't possibly fold and place another John Smedley knit onto that already substantial and tottering pile balancing in your wardrobe — looming like a knitted Tower of Babel — they lure you back in with another style, another hue, another wardrobe classic you can't possibly live without. Smedley knitwear is so moreish; and they know us so well.

This Smedley cardigan, the Glenham — with hints of Teba jacket — actually comes via the carefully edited collection of Private White V.C..

The cardigan is made from a thickish wool and cashmere blend, and has leather 'football' buttons.

It is of a splendid mustardy colour. I imagine you would reach immediately for a mid-blue Oxford button-down to wear underneath. Good choice, but what about a (hidden) sea island cotton long-sleeved undervest plus silk scarf filling out the lapels instead?


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