Somerset Day

King Alfred - County Ambassador

Wishing all our Somerset readers a happy Somerset Day. I think it's a damned good idea for counties to celebrate their history and the best of what they have to offer. Check to see whether your county has one; and if not, demand one from your representatives.

The 11th of May was chosen as Somerset Day to honour King Alfred the Great, 9th century King of Wessex and King of the Anglo-Saxons — the date celebrates his victory in repelling the Danes in 872. He becomes the county ambassador. They have long memories in Somerset, although I believe Danes are now welcome. (St. Dunstan was also in the running as ambassador at one stage, though sadly, on name alone, Edgar the Peaceful was not.)

Drink to Somerset

Quantock Brewery celebrates the occasion with its Alfred's Ale. The beer is an amber ale made in very limited quantities. If you are in Somerset, look out for it in your local pub — and raise a glass to the county. Sumorsǣte ealle.


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