Paul Stuart Wins Wimbledon

You Are Looking Well

I saw the outfit above and immediately thought of you. I pictured you at the Centre Court of Wimbledon. Imagine the sun shining — hard I know —  and you are wearing your Persol 714s with your hair slicked back with brilliantine. You have your strawberries and champagne to hand; the well-dressed, good-humoured and considerate people surrounding you have turned off their their mobile phones and put them away; and you are about to settle down to watch a British tennis player win the men's final in hushed reverence.

We must congratulate you on your sense of style and for creating this perfect moment.

The clothes are mostly from Paul Stuart's Phineas Cole summer collection. Paul Stuart, as we insist on reminding you, are purveyors of top-drawer Anglo-American vestiary for men and women. Their Phineas Cole collection takes its unapologetically flamboyant inspiration for men's clothes from archive 1920s designs, colours and textures.

Purple Linen, Wool and Silk Jacket

The two-button peak lapel unstructured sports jacket is made in Canada from an Italian cloth exclusive to Paul Stuart.

Paisley Linen Pocket Square

The linen pocket square is hand-rolled and made in Italy.

Deco Fans Silk Tie

The tie has an Art Deco fans print, and is hand-made in the US of Italian silk.

Pink Cotton Twill Dress Shirt

The cutaway-collared slim-fit pink shirt has a button cuff, and is made of Italian cotton in Canada.

Cream Wool Trousers

The cream wool trousers, with side adjusters, are from the core Paul Stuart range, and are made in Canada from Italian super 110s wool.

You can decide on the shoes. Suggestions below.


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