Drake's Panama Hat

Multi-Purpose Headwear

As can be seen from the evidence above, as well as providing excellent cover from the sun, a Panama hat makes for a nice thing to roll around your hand when you're thinking about where to enjoy a nice gin and tonic. And you can also tip it over your eyes for a snooze if you've enjoyed the gin and tonic too much.

As can be seen from the photo, the new Classic Panama Hat with green tussah silk band from Drake's — handwoven in Ecuador — looks so well with relaxed summer kit in navy.

I predict this hat will fly of the shelves.

Drake's also stock a tie in the same shade of tussah silk if you want to match up.

Tussah silk production is traditionally associated with India, though it is no longer the biggest producer, and is created from wild silkworms — hence it is sometimes referred to as wild silk. The woven silk fabric created is matt and pleasingly slub-textured in appearance, similar to Shantung silk.


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