Climbing Mount Everest #1 - Highland 2000 Hat

Highland 2000 Shetland Wool Hat

It's surprising what a hat can do for a man. Immediately this hat came into my possession, I had made up my mind — I must climb Mount Everest before year's end.

The hat is made in England by Highland 2000 who are based in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. I've thrown the labels away now, but I think they went on about the Shetland wool used and its exceptional natural thermal and hygroscopic properties or some such.

Highland 2000 only make hats and scarves. It's always good to specialise. Highland 2000 is one of those British brands that are very popular in Japan, so let's make them popular here too. They don't have their own website, but you can buy them at Village Hats.

The important thing is what to wear around this little marvel on my expedition, and certainly not the actual expedition (which I'm unlikely to make, let's face it). I think we'll be seeing a lot of tweed on this improbable journey. [To be continued]


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