Winter Survival Kit - Johnstons and Atkinson

Winter Warmers

You are going to be spending a lot of time indoors in winter, so you want to be comfortable and warm.

I would recommend keeping a hot water bottle and a good blanket handy. Central heating is all well and good, but it doesn't beat the manly embrace of a hot water bottle and the respectful clasp of a blanket.

This 'survival kit' also works when struck by the viruses that circulate too readily at this time of year.

We suggest the best of breed for this essential kit...

Johnstons 1797 - Cashmere Hot Water Bottle

The Johnstons of Elgin water bottle (above) has its own cashmere cable sweater. Made in Scotland. You could buy a Johnstons sweater to match if you are of an eccentric bent.

John Atkinson 1783 - Blankets

If you wish to swan around your house like a consumptive poet this winter, why not throw a John Atkinson Super Warm Merino (above) blanket around your shoulders? And if the news gets too much, just pull it over your head and it's gone. What a blanket! I always have one of these at hand in the cold season.

Draping a good wool blanket like this on your bed will have the beating of any 'continental quilt' in the warmth stakes. Simply put, every British home should have a ready stock of Atkinson blankets — end of debate.

If you want to up the ante, then you might consider one of their silk-bound pure cashmere blankets (bottom). The cashmere is of the softest belly wool.

All Atkinson blankets are made in the UK.

Last Remaining Blanket Mill in Britain

John Atkinson is part of the Hainsworth group. The blankets are made in England's only remaining blanket mill. Family-owned, Hainsworth is one of the oldest companies in Great Britain, producing textiles since 1783.

The blankets are available here.


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