350 Tweeds - David Saxby Sporting Tweeds

David Saxby - Tweed Coming Out of Your Ears

As recommended by our good friend Fennel, David Saxby offers tweed jackets in over 350 different tweeds.

Here we see a three-button tweed jacket below and that magnificent top-panel Norfolk tweed jacket above. Go and visit David in Fulham, London, and you'll be spoiled for choice.

And do remember to visit the sister shop, Old Hat, next door, which specialises in vintage clothing of the finest quality.

I do like the jacket David is wearing in the photo and video below. It reminds me of something that the old rascal Terry-Thomas might wear, which is an excellent thing to be reminded of.


  1. wonderful for all things Tweed. Tried on more than a hundred caps before buying a fantastic traditionally-made eight panel Lovat tweed bakers/newsboy cap. The perfect headwear yesterday for a St Patrick’s day lunch in Fleet Street with some old newspaper friends - Gary Cullum, Hertfordshire

    1. Thanks Gary. That's a lot of hats! You're right - a perfect cap for St Patrick's Day. Best wishes, Tweedy


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