Burns Night - Haggis on the Go

Haggis for Professionals on the Go

For a sassenach I certainly get through a lot of haggis. I adore the stuff. When I learned that Grant's haggis is available in a tin I was sceptical. Surely proper haggis needed to be cooked in its 'bung' (casing) of animal's stomach? Actually, the tinned stuff is nae bad at all, laddies.

Think of it as haggis for time-poor young professionals on the go.

Enjoy your Burn's Night Celebrations. But, remember, haggis is worth celebrating any time.

BFPO Haggis for Heroes

Do you know someone in the British Armed Forces? You can send them a can of Grant's Premium Haggis for free at the Haggis for Heroes site.


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