Christmas Stocking Filler - Sir Plus Housecoat

The Polo Housecoat

The snow is falling outside and mounting on the window ledge of your living room window. The sky is milk white and fecund with flakes. There will be no visitors tonight.

Vince Guaraldi's The Christmas Song [Amazon] is playing as you sit by the fireside, whisky in hand. You pull the collar of your The Polo housecoat around your neck. What a thoughtful Christmas gift it had been back in 2014. This winter you can't bear to be detached from it, the same as every winter. You are reminded of the person who bought it for you each time you wrap yourself inside it.

The Polo housecoat (so much more than a dressing gown) is made in the UK by Sir Plus. The coat is in a herringbone cashmere blend with Jacquard cotton lapels.

If you are unfamiliar with the modus operandi of our good friends at Sir Plus: read here.


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