Christmas Stocking Filler - Merchant Fox Slippers

King of the Slippers 

They say always judge a man by his house footwear. A savage might be observed parading in sport socks, they counsel; a man who has given up on life in novelty animal paw slippers. The Japanese as ever show the civilised way. As well as the wearing of house slippers being akin to a bye-law in Japan, the custom sometimes extends to include a sub-set of slippers designated for the bathroom only. Now that's civilised.

Exhibit a healthy self-esteem and respect for your guests this Christmas with the wearing of these magnificent Fox Exmoor Check Albert Slippers from The Merchant Fox. By golly — these wondrous things are constructed of Fox Flannel in an Exmoor check, with a classic quilted satin lining and hand-lasted leather sole — the very pinnacle of house footwear, and this quintessence of an English slipper is made categorically in the UK.

In fact, why not have a range of these slippers available in different sizes for your guests too? A move like that could just well tip civilisation back in the right direction.


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