Christmas Stocking Filler - Chocolate Cigars

Do You Mind if I Don't Smoke?

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, but sometimes it isn't. What do I mean? I mean what you see above and below are actually cigars that you eat rather than smoke. I suppose you could eat a normal cigar, but it would be utterly rank. Best stick to these confections, which would make a thoughtful Christmas stocking filler for that sweet-toothed cigar-loving person in your life.

Above we have 3 Robustos from Xocolat of Austria. A mix of their fine chocolate cigar range with walnut, whisky and rum flavours.

Next we have Praline Cigar, a nougat cigar from Venchi (1878) of Italy:

Finally, we have this chocolate Dulce Puro from Simon Coll of Spain:

So much choice. What we need now is an edible humidor to keep them in.


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