Castle Forbes Cologne

Castle Forbes

I struggle to write anything for perfume. The old mind jumps into a sack and refuses to come out and help. Nonetheless, this Gentleman's Cologne [Amazon] from Castle Forbes satisfies some vague notions that I use to narrow the field. The packaging is unfancy, so will fit well with the classic line-up on my select bathroom shelf. It's not endorsed by a footballer. It has provenance. And it smells well, with traditionally manly wafts of citrus and woodiness. It's also made in the UK. One to squirt when you're wearing worsted and off for a late-afternoon game of snooker at your club.

Castle Forbes is a country house in Aberdeenshire. It has been the home of the Forbes family for many generations. The current incumbent being the 23rd Lord Forbes.

The estate offers accommodation with fishing and golf, and in the 90s the former dairy was converted into a small-scale perfumery. The perfumery has developed a collection of gentlemen's perfumes and grooming products, including a well-regarded shaving cream, which I need to try.

Castle Forbes Gentleman's Cologne

Top note: Bergamot, Lemon & Lime.
Middle note: Lavender & Sage
Base note: Sandalwood, Cedar & Musk


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