Deakin & Francis since 1786

Deakin & Francis - English Cufflinker of Note

Deakin & Francis offer an absolutely spiffing collection of cufflinks. If you can't find any that you'd like to see peeking out of your jacket sleeve, well I'll be a monkey's uncle.

The company is family-owned and based in Birmingham, England, where all of their fine jewellery is made.

James and Henry Deakin are currently at the helm, with an eighth-generation hopefully in the wings — such continuity, such tradition. (Who was Francis?)

Deakin & Francis is an English heritage company with literally centuries of experience in all aspects of jewellery design, creation and manufacture. Their workforce specialises in a particular aspect of the craft, be that shaping, enamelling or engraving.

Don't listen to my advice — have a look at their collection for yourself — but I rather like the Bacchanalian suggestion of the gold and amethyst Grape cufflinks above.

The gold Fishing Fly cufflinks below show off some exquisite enamelling. Perfect for sitting under a tweed jacket on a country jaunt. Note the fish-shaped clasps.

Of course, any of these would make a lovely gift for a certain tweed-clad pig you know.

One for Bond Lovers

Following a collaboration with Anthony Sinclair (of the conduit cut James Bond suit), Bond lovers might be interested to see the Deakin & Francis range inspired by Geoffrey Holder, who played the henchman Baron Samedi in the 1973 film version of Live and Let Die, the first Bond film to star Roger Moore.

The gold ones above have a moving jaw that reveals diamond eyes when opened. Dramatic stuff.

The Live and Let Die range is available exclusively from Anthony Sinclair.


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