Scabal Camel Hair

Scabal Classic Camel Hair Overcoat

Here's one for your timeless wardrobe. Scabal have fashioned some of their pure camel hair overcoating, in its in its natural tone, into a double-breasted overcoat. As always, it was from Britain that camel hair fabric production gained traction. The double-breasted full-length camel overcoat became a popular coat to wear over formal City wear, which remains the case. I believe such a coat is referred to as a Polo Coat in the US. They seem to want to tie everything in with polo.

The camel hair used for overcoating is the undercoat and is gathered when the camel moults; which is a good thing as you wouldn't ant to sheer a camel. They're bad-tempered bleeders at the best of times. They have nice eyes though.

Noël in Camel

Wondering whether or not to take the plunge? You won't find a better advert for the camel hair overcoat than this picture of dear Noël Peirce Coward.


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