The Jodhpur Boot

The English Cowboy Boot 

People find great comfort in stereotypes. When things are as you expect, it simplifies the worldview, smoothing the chaos and bringing order to the universe and the space-time continuum — weltanschauung and all that. Stereotypically, we imagine our American friends to be wearing button-down shirts and chinos, but we're equally happy to turn up the American volume and picture them sporting a Stetson and cowboy boots. Conversely, we see our Englishmen in bowler hats or tattersall shirts.

This got me thinking, rather haphazardly, as to what would be the English equivalent of the cowboy boot. To my way of thinking, it would have to be the jodhpur boot, with its buckled straps that fasten around the ankle.

Ostensibly equestrian footwear, like the cowboy boot, you are just as likely see the jodhpur boot being worn without a horse underneath — like the cowboy boot.

Ready-Made Jodhpur Boot by Crocket & Jones

By common consent, the Crockett and Jones Cottesmore (above) is as good a ready-to-wear jodhpur boot as you may find; in calf leather, with double leather sole. I think this version in burnished chestnut is nigh on perfect.

Best worn with trousers that have a cavalry (military) hem.

Bespoke Jodhpur Boot by Horace Batten

Here is a great bespoke alternative for jodhpur boots. I don't have a good image to demonstrate this (just the measly effort below), but go take a look over at the Horace Batten web site and read about their history.

Batten do cracking bespoke strap jodhpur boots in a range of leather colours. They even supply the dear bones to polish your boots.

This is one of those wonderful human-scale British companies I really like to promote. They make around ten pairs of boots a week, they take their time, and they put the product before the branding. They are family-owned and on to the seventh generation of Batten. All the exact opposite of 'fast fashion'.

Clearly, everyone should buy from them and help preserve the name.


  1. I have a pair of Batten's boots. What a great place to visit to get measured. Very nice they are too

    1. Thanks Foghorn. I imagine so. One for my list indeed. Best wishes, Tweedy.

    2. Emma Batten here, thanks for the feedback guys!
      Don't forget to check out the all new HORACE BATTEN web site coming early in the new year with great images of All our boots!

    3. Hello Emma. Very pleased to hear from you. Please keep in touch and maybe drop us a line so that we can do a fuller treatment of your business. Best wishes, Tweedy.


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