Spaniel Tie and Noble Jacket

I maintain that Hackett works best when it pulls its inspiration from the old-school Britishness that inspired Jeremy Hackett to start the business in the first place. Take the red Hackett Spaniel Tie below. You could easily see Michael Wilding wearing it. They would certainly have stocked one in the costume department of Ealing Studios in its Whisky Galore! period. A winner in fewer words.

Old-School British ties
I would suggest wearing the tie with a tattersall shirt, and then putting this jacket on. I'll leave it to you what you wear beneath the waist. The Grey Donegal Jacket by Hackett is made from a blend of cashmere and woollen cloth woven by Robert Noble on the Scottish borders.

What Next?

So you're now dressed the part from the waist up. All you need now is a real English Springer Spaniel (liver and white) - called Major - as your companion, a TR6 sports car in racing green, and the address of a red brick country pub in Hereford somewhere as a target destination for you and Major (suggestions welcome). Have fun.


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