Consequences of Love - The Clothes of Titta

We wouldn't let the recent review of The Consequences of Love escape without saying something of actor Toni Servillo's wardrobe in the film for the character Titta di Girolamo.

As with The Great Beauty, the wardrobe of Toni Servillo is eye-catching. I scribbled a few notes down as the credits rolled.

We have big-hitting Italian names mixed with some hidden gems, including small-scale outfitters from his Neapolitan roots:

Look like a Titta
Just for jolly, let's go shopping with Titta and see what he fills his bags with...

Kiton Suit and Cape
Capes are useful garments. Titta understands this.

Anna Matuozzo - Micro Pique Cotton Shirt with Hidden Placket
The thread-count and hand-stitched obsessives love this shirt maker. Titta just likes to know he's buying something well-made.

Ballantyne - Cashmere Polo Neck Sweater
He bought an original Scottish-made one. Lucky Titta.

Marinella Napoli - Silk Patterned Ties
A dash of colour emphasises Titta's gloominess.

Villa Milano - Jade and Ruby Cufflinks
Just rather nice.


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