Marfin Shaving Brushes - Pennelli da Barba Fatti a Mano

Marfin Shaving Brushes

Marco Finardi is the Italian master craftsman behind these incredible shaving brushes. Under the Marfin brand, the brushes he makes are each unique and hand-crafted.

He uses plateau briar wood to make the handles.

What's plateau briar wood? Read on:

Briar wood is from the root of a type of heather, the Erica Arborea or 'tree heath', and is the material used to make pipes for smoking due to the tightness of its grain, its hardness and heat resistance. The wood has two cuts: ebauchon, which is smooth and cut from the inside of the root burl; and the plateau, where wood is cut from the edge of the root, showing the natural rough edges of the root, and giving better grain patterns.

Marco works the best briar wood into the handles of his brushes, which are stained, waxed and oiled to an incredible finish. The brush is finished with silvertip badger hair. All material and construction are Italian.

If you take your shaving seriously, then you must use a shaving brush. You will also have to use the shaving brush every day. In the light of the extreme beauty of these Marfin shaving brushes, this rather dull proposition suddenly becomes utterly thrilling.

'I would actually get to see and use this brush every day?' questions your inner voice. 'Count me in', it splutters excitedly. 'A thing of beauty is a joy forever and so on. This is the very definition of everyday luxury.' Your inner voice is very wise. You should listen to it more often.


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