The Dimpled Pint Pot is Back

Traditional Beer Mug 

It is good to see the resurgence of interest in traditional British craft beers, but it's often dispiriting to order in a pub and have the beer returned in an inadequate vessel. A proper beer deserves a proper glass — and that's the dimpled pint pot. Accept no substitutes.

Permit me to regurgitate an old harumph on this subject from the Alistair Cope Pin-Up post.

[Beer] drunk from proper dimpled beer mugs [is] the only way to drink bitter. Insist on this and accept no Frenchified glass for your beer. The landlord of your local pub has a moral obligation to supply dimpled mugs. If it's not a legal requirement, it should be. 

Add Some Dimples to Your Chin

Since that earnest appeal for the return of adequate glassware in British public houses, it's good to hear that there's been a surge in dimpled mug use in the hipper enclaves of our capital city. I'd like to see this extend out around the B. Isles. Mug maketh the man. Go into a pub and see a chap drinking from a dimpled mug, and you know he's going to be a decent cove. He might even offer you a crisp if you sit at offering distance. If he's drinking from a bottle with a piece of fruit sticking out of it, don't count on getting that crisp. And keep an eye on your wallet.

You can now purchase your very own dimpled pint pots with the CE mark for home use. You get the pub feel and you know you're pouring yourself a legal pint measure. (Or half-pint measure, as below). Add some dimples to your chin.

What to put in it? Any of these for a start.


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