The Daily Dozen - A Resolution

Your Resolution

I've made a resolution for you. You're introducing a 'daily dozen' to your schedule this year. But I don't want you grunting with free weights till you have muscles in your forehead. A bit of gentle stretching and working out with a medicine ball is all I ask — to begin with. You'll thank me in summer.

Here's some gym kit to get you started.

Continental - Bar Box

If you're getting in shape at home, how about the Timber Bar Box from Continental above? Made in the UK. Impress the neighbours with your pliability and vaulting techniques.

Gymphlex - House T-Shirt and Original Rugby Shorts

Here we have t-shirt and shorts from Gymphlex. Both are made in Japan. The House T-Shirt  is in mercerised cotton and the Original Rugby Shorts are cotton drill. It's hard finding plain cotton drill shorts. It seems work-wear and school P.E. kit suppliers currently have that market cornered.

J. Alex Swift - Cushioned Wool Cricket Socks

J. Alex Swift is a Leicestershire sock maker. Their small factory is based in the village of Hathern. These socks are a wool blend in grey. I'm intrigued by their 4-ply sports socks too. We've not featured J. Alex Swift before. Please get in touch and let's become the best of friends.

Note: No room at Tweedy's gym for those 'no show' hideaway-type of socks. Let's be proud of our socks. 

Walsh Trainers - Cobra

Shock, horror! Is this a 'training shoe' on the Tweed Pig? Yes, and a fine British-made one from Walsh at that. If this appears to be inconsistent with our aims, whatever they might be, then that's probably good — consistency makes us lazy thinkers and ideologues. Besides, the gym is the completely appropriate place to wear them. So make some room for these next to your collection of Northamptonshire shoes.

Leather Head - Horween Chromexcel 12 lb Medicine Ball

The Leather Head medicine ball is made in the U.S.A. of Horween leather.

Taylor of Old Bond Street - Sandalwood Talc

Taylor of Old Bond Street stocks a variety of talcum powders. Sandalwood is a smashing one. The talc revival continues.

Christy Towels - Supreme Supima Towels

Long cotton towels from the Royal 'towelerer', Christy Towels, established 1850. Put one around your neck, as you strut around in your gym kit, to feel even healthier.


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