Diary 2014 - Smythson 1887

Feeling Rusty

I trust your Christmas break was nice? I'm feeling a little bit rusty now — I have to confess. The old brain hasn't quite kicked into gear. It's the sign of a good break, but I'm now looking around in that vacant way people do when they've completely forgotten what they were meant to be doing — or typing in my case. The mind's a complete blank. I haven't the foggiest idea.

What my noggin needs is a diary. Clearly.

Banish Fogginess with a Smythson Diary

The Portobello diary from Smythson has a black lambskin cover and pale blue gilt-edged pages displaying a week to view layout. Made in the UK.

Use it for confessions and observations. Be as a vicious as you like. You don't have to pretend. This isn't Facebook. You're not looking for the most thumbs-up here.

And load it up with reminders of all the glittering invitations and socials you'll be attending this coming year. Your diary will remind you it's Pitti Uomu next week, for example. It will also remind you that my birthday is in March, which is plenty of time to consider thoughtful presents.


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