Portable Brace Buttons - Sharp and Dapper


I know, you've got a wardrobe full of trousers with no brace buttons, but a stunning collection of braces in boxcloth and silk that require them.

You like the way braced-up trousers hang — and the way they allow for the ebb and flow of the waistline — but what can you do? You don't really want to get buttons sewn into the trousers (for the purposes of this argument). Well, what if someone created a set of 'buttons' that could simply be transferred from one pair of trousers to another? Let me tell you they have.

Our Swedish-Londoner chum Johan got in touch and explained all about the Clip-On Buttons supplied by Sharp and Dapper. A set of six buttons, they are made in Germany of steel with a nickel finish.

I tried them; and, by Jove, they worked a treat. You slide them on to the trouser and then fix in place with a clasp at the back. Now any 'leg containers' can accommodate button-ended braces — jeans for the traditional skinhead look, cords for gardening, shorts, pyjama bottoms, you name it.


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