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First Olympian

Come, let us don our our lab coats and take a journey of scientific discovery together. First Olympian got in touch to ask me to try their range of scented beard oils and find out what my beard liked best.

The beard oil range is named after Greek gods: Eros (cologne), Hermes (sandalwood), Zeus (citrus), Ares (wood). Shorthand for the scent of each in brackets, but see the web site for the full notes.

Spun Gold

I duly grew a 1/2 cm of spun gold for the experiment, a different colour to the blonde locks on my bonce it must be said. It turned out my beard was needier and fussier than would first appear.

I tried each of the oils over a number of days. The first thing I noted was that my beard liked to receive the vigorous rub on application and appreciated the smoothing, calming feel of the oil. It also liked the heavenly warm scent wafting from its lubricated growth.

If it had a favourite amongst the scents, it would be Eros. Cheeky beard.

But don't take the beard's word for it. Let's take a look at the before and after photos of this experiment.

Before Oil Treatment

Here we see a before oil treatment shot. In summary, the fellow looks suspicious, possibly not to be trusted.

After Oil Treatment

Here we see the beard after oil treatment. The beard looks thicker, sleeker, certainly more confident. The sort of beard that wouldn't frighten the local WI. Clearly a greater kissability quotient too.

The facts speak for themselves. Beards want oil.


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