Field Coat - Alan Paine

Alan Paine Field Coat

I promised I'd delve further into the country catalogue of Alan Paine after we spoke about their incredible cricket sweater.

The cold weather is here and the delve was duly made. And a fruitful delve it was, chaps. All the British classics are there, your tweeds, your moleskins, your tattersalls, your waxed cottons. As Paine say, their country collection has a reputation for providing a "complete, practical and functional wardrobe". Who would want for more?

If we're talking practical, the most practical (and the most British) coat of them all, the tweed field coat, is bound to be included. Paine do two or three versions in different tweed outers.

The coat offers protection from the elements. It is warm, hard-wearing and has tweedy good looks. Everyone should add a field coat to their classics collection.

The Alan Paine versions you see here have a waterproof membrane — essential for the British climate. Lots of details you might be interested in too, such as the retainer straps for the cartridge pockets that you pull out of the 'hand-warmer' pockets, as demonstrated on the Compton here:

The Rutland - Chuffed to Bits

Here's my Rutland, which is fully pub-tested. I'm chuffed to bits with it.

Matching caps, breeks and weskits are available for the Rutland and the Compton.

Wearable Tech

An inner pocket of the field coat makes for an excellent 'technology pocket'. An iPad fits in perfectly. Like the watch chain, tradition can blend seamlessly with the new. You Silicon Valley upstarts might call it wearable tech.


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