Marlborough World Hip Flask Trial

With the recent snow fall in the West Country I tried out my hip flask from Marlborough World. I'm away to Prague shortly (doing the usual things) and it can be awfully cold there. A drop of brandy helps keep the cold from the bones. The hip flask worked well and will prove a useful companion.

I could add some plum brandy (slivovitz) from Zufanek when I'm in Prague. Zufanek are a small, family-owned distillers based in Borsice u Blatnice in the district of Zlin, Czech Republic. They do an oak-aged slivovitz, which is rather good. They also distil a decent Absinthe, a bottle of which might return in my cabin bag. When in Bohemia...

The Hip Flask Trial
The hip flask you see above is a 4oz, but Marlborough also do 6oz and 8oz versions. The flasks are individually produced in their workshop in England by master craftsmen who cut the leather, shape the steel into that familiar kidney-like curve and polish the finished product by hand.
4 oz Leather Hip Flask
The screw top is fixed via a brass chromed hinge to keep it secure. Mine is in tan leather, but take a look at the flask in stingray leather (shagreen) below. I agree, very nice.

About Marlborough World

Marlborough World was established in 1972. They operate from Walsall, England. Their 'British Guarantee' is an attractive proposition for anyone seeking out authenticity:

"From the hand cutting and hand stitching right down to the brass buckles everything we create is uniquely British, combining both our leather-working heritage with modern contemporary design. Our guarantee to you is that everything is Hand Made in England - offering the very best of British design and craftsmanship."

Mrs T shared a pot of Milky Oolong with the Managing Director of Marlborough, Richard Taylor, and asked about Marlborough's future plans. He sees the fact that all of Marlborough World's products are made by themselves in England as a big selling point.
Dunking a shortbread finger
"We are aiming to develop awareness of our brand and products in other countries such as China where the demand for high quality English made products is really growing", explained Richard whilst dunking a shortbread finger into his tea, being careful not to let the tea-sodden biscuit fall.

What to put in your flask?
The flasks are designed for alcoholic drinks, acidic juice drinks will damage them (and your reputation). But what's the best tipple to add? Some say port, others sloe gin. Traditionalists might go for straight whisky or brandy to be gently warmed in the pocket. Perhaps you have other ideas?


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