William Morris Spectacles & the Harry Palmer Phase

Harry Palmer Phase?

I must be going through a subliminal Harry Palmer phase. Looking at the photo above, I realise I've just bought a pair of glasses and a raincoat strikingly similar to the ones worn by Michael Caine as Harry Palmer in the Ipcress File. I just need to locate a vintage British Sterling sub-machine gun to complete the picture.

William Morris Spectacles

I bought the glasses

(above) as a pair of readers. Most happy with them. The glasses are in acetate with silver tips at the end of the frames. Good, solid hinges.

They're from the Black Label collection by William Morris, a London eyewear company started by Robert William Morris in the late 90s. William Morris describe themselves as "conservatively different". The Black label collection is 60s-inspired and makes for a very nice group of frames.

I was told by my optician that mine were made in the UK. Checking with the company, their frames are actually all made overseas. Naughty optician.

I could see myself wearing most of the collection, actually. A couple of nice examples follow -

More on the coat later. One from Mackintosh. Bought for the return trip to Madrid in Spring I mentioned.


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