Aubin & Wills - A Memento Mori

Goodbye Aubin & Wills

And so it is that we say goodbye to Aubin & Wills. The brand has been quietly put to sleep. It's a shame. Not everything they did appealed, but there was a sense of humour about what they did, and more goods were coming out from their collections that were made in the UK or produced directly by decent British heritage brands.

I grabbed this jacket as a bit of a spontaneous purchase before they shut up label. It was the cloth that attracted me. Extremely soft lambswool from our not-yet-friends at Mallalieus of Delph, the family-run mill in Lancashire. Very nice to touch and drapes well. A memento mori of sorts. Goodbye A & W.

As for its youth-targeted younger brother Jack Wills, I desire that we be better strangers.


  1. I did like their collaborations with Fox Bros. and Grenson. I did like the Cordings and Jack Wills collection too but I am just too old to go into their stores.

    1. Thanks. Jack Wills certainly has the teenager in mind. Tweed jacket with sweatpants will never do it for me.


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