Hype Specialist Luggage

Hype Specialist Luggage

Hype Specialist Luggage is a British luggage and accessories company based in West Yorkshire, England. It was started in 2010 by Paul Holmes.

Paul lived in South East Asia for around 10 years, where he was involved in the manufacture of shooting and hunting accessories, such as gun cases. A desire to move into the quality end of the market prompted Paul's return to the UK, that and an unfortunate experience with a rogue Chinese producer.

Living up to the Hype

Paul wanted Hype's luggage to have the subtle and unique design features he knew his customers were looking for, products with "character and soul".

Hype first developed a small range of shooting accessory products and then moved into travel luggage following favourable feedback on a travel case Paul developed for his own use.

From the outset, Hype's strategy has been a commitment to quality and materials so that they can offer their customers the best possible products that are built to last. All Hype luggage is manufactured in the UK and has a lifetime guarantee.

Hype source their leathers, fabrics and hardware in England, though some skins are imported. They have recently introduced deer skin locally-sourced in Yorkshire.

Chichester Cabin Bag

A nice example of Hype's quality luggage is the Chichester cabin bag. Designed for travelling, it has lots of handy external pockets.

The leather is best quality full-grain for strength, as with all Hype's products, and reinforced at stress points. The bag is constructed of textured, smooth and oiled leather. The stitching is double-backed with the ends tied-in, knotted and sealed - no loose ends, an attention to detail few manufacturers accomplish. The bag is lined with suede and has solid brass fittings. Riri zips of course. Absolutely no corner cut in construction. And when you think about a Rimowa case by comparison, it seems like a good investment.


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