Keene on Allen Edmonds Shoes

Keene Discussing Allen Edmonds

Our dear friend Tom Keene has a wonderful surname for creating headlines. He can be Keene on anything. Do they say that in the US? I'm keen on something? I'm sure they do.

Anyway, I was watching Tom's excellent Bloomberg Surveillance on Bloomberg Television the other day, whilst chewing on some splendid salami for lunch (likely equine, likely withdrawn from shelves). Accompanied by the fragrant Sara Eisen, he spoke with Paul Grangaard, chief executive officer of Allen Edmonds.

We learnt that Allen Edmonds is shipping US-made shoes to China - customers are willing to pay a premium for the name and the quality. I'm sure the big Northampton shoemakers are getting a similar message out there.

Paul displayed a shoe made of the same leather used for baseballs. Interesting. Has anyone constructed a shoe of cricket ball leather? I'm faintly recalling something, but it's not coming into focus.

The Doubleday is made in the Dominican Republic. Bass Weejuns are also made there. Is it becoming a shoemaking hub?

Cordovan Dalton Designed by Jim Dayton

Ever the classicist, you may be more interested in this US-made brogue boot from Allen Edmonds. Designed by Jim Dayton, who also designed Edmonds' new shop layouts (bottom), the boot is made of Horween Cordovan leather, leather-lined with a double Rendenbach leather sole. Handsome boot.

When to Buy the Daltons, Tweedy?

As an armchair economist, if you're Brit, I'd say it might be sensible to wait for the pound to strengthen before taking the plunge. Best check in on Tom's programme to see when that might be - but you might be waiting a while.

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