Paul Stuart - Anglo-American Classics

Paul Stuart - Understated and Over There

Paul Stuart was founded in New York 1938 and remains a family business. Its original flagship shop remains at the corner of Madison Avenue and 45th Street in New York. It also has a shop in Chicago, and outlets in Japan and South Korea, but no footprint in Europe as of yet.

Similar to Brooks Brothers in a Good Way

Similar to Brooks Brothers, the company is known for its conservative Anglo-American style. Paul Stuart offers a refined take on traditional dress, whilst avoiding the clichés of mass-market preppyism that induce Ivy fatigue.

True to that Anglo-American special relationship with mummy (England), Paul Stuart sources pocket squares, braces, shoes, ties and accessories from old Albion. See below for samples - you might want to guess which company produced them.

A handshake to Paul Stuart. Do come to Britain.

Silk/Linen Plaid Tie - Made in England

Self-tacked and self-tipped, printed English silk and linen tie.

Suede Buck Shoes - Made in England

Storm welted Derby (Blucher), with crepe sole.


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